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Twitter May Rival Developers By Releasing Own Clients

Microblogging behemoth Twitter may very well come up with own desktop and smartphone clients if the opinions expressed by a leading investor in the company are to hold true.

Such a move could severely harm the prospects of third party developers who build applications for Twitter and may inspire others - such as Facebook - to do the same.

In a blog post targeted towards third party Twitter app developers, Fred Wilson a leading investor in Twitter, mentioned that it makes sense for developers to create specialised applications targeted towards social gaming and analytics.

This, he says, rather than focusing on creating generic services like mobile clients and address shorteners amongst others which can otherwise easily be built into Twitter itself.

Giving an analogy on why third party developers are better suited in developing specialised applications, Mr Wilson recalled that a little known company called General Computer used to make hard drives for Apple but when the Cupertino based technology giant started building its own hard drives it faded away.

Explaining the rationale Mr. Wilson went on to add “It is the kind of work General Computer was doing...Some of the popular third-party services on Twitter are like that. Mobile clients come to mind. Photo-sharing services come to mind. Twitter really should have had all that when it launched”.

Our Comments

As mentioned before, this could give ideas to Facebook where Zynga has already been valued at $5 billion. Zynga of course is the company behind the uber popular Farmville game. To some extent, third party developers help to boost a platform (Twitter or Facebook).

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