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£1770 Asus G73JH-TZ008V World's Fastest Gaming Laptop

An Intel Core i7 processor paired with 8GB of DDR3 RAM powers the ROG G73Jh, and the graphics grunt comes courtesy of an ATI Radeon HD5870 chipset with 1GB DDR5 video RAM. A 1TB hard drive provides plenty of room for games galore and, of course, that glorious 17.3" display means you won't miss a moment of the on-screen action.

The ASUS G73Jh's wedge-shaped case tilts the keyboard to a 5-degree angle. This not only makes for a more comfortable typing than on most laptops that lie flat, but it also helps avoid undue stress on the wrists and hands.

The ASUS G73Jh has twin exhausts at the back of the case, behind the screen. This not only means that the waft of warm air is kept well out of earshot, but that you can sit with this notebook on your lap without impeding the air flow.

You can buy this superb laptop from for only £1770.