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iAds are the meat in the iPad stew

Not so long ago, Gizmodo posted some pictures of Steve Jobs having a coffee with Eric Schmidt.

The gathering public interest sent the rival businessmen scurrying for cover, but not before a thousand tongues began wagging. A body language expert based on a quick perusal of the snaps was quick to claim that Schmidt was scared of Jobs.

It was a little while before that that a Googler at the firm's UK HQ confessed to me that "Google's in the ad business." This was as a way of explaining its adventures into the operating system and browser businesses. Google, our interlocutor said had an interest in getting people online, just to views its adverts.

Maybe that's what Schmidt was scared of. Maybe Jobs was outlining Apple's plans to nick a slice of Google's ad revenue. It was a courtesy call.

Apple's push into mobile advertising forms part of the iPhone's 4.0 operating system, announced this week and available on the gadget this summer. It won't come to the iPad before the autumn.#

"Most mobile advertising really sucks”, said Jobs before presenting iAds, which he thinks will not suck because the platform allows mini apps be created within applications.

The development of iAds results from Apple’s acquisition of Quattro Wireless at the beginning of the year. Jobs showed off some ads recently. They sucked of course, but maybe not to Jobs. Maybe Apple fans will find Apple-pushed ads suck less than other ads.

Jobs thinks his platform can combine the slick emotive nature of of television advertising with interactivity like that on line.

If so, he wrong. An ad's an ad. And on your phone its a major irritant.

We're just curious as to what Google's response will be.