Not From Apple : Meet The iPad Circa 2007

Remember September 2007? The first iPhone had just just been shipped to tens of thousands of customers who discovered a device that would change the face of mobile computing. And then, there was the iPad.

Not Apple's iPad but the one from Barratt Homes, which builds houses across Britain and back then, before the global economy came to a standstill and subsequently crashed, was selling mini apartments which it called iPad. These included a double bedroom, a private balcony plus a fully fitted bathroom, all within 35m2 (that's less than 6m x 6m space).

Fujitsu which owned the iPad trademark didn't think of Barratt Homes as a direct competitor to its own iPad and therefore didn't interfere with the product range which was pitched for first time buyers.

Based on an open plan concept and marketed as Hop and iconic, around 2,200 iPads were to be built by 2010 on 70 sites with a price ranging from £85,000 to £125,000. The entry level price was slightly adjusted to £80,000 by April 2009 and in August 2009 falling to £71,000.

Not surprisingly, Barratt Homes have quietly closed down its iPad page and the property market is still recovering from its worst year for a decade. Let's hope that Apple's iPad doesn't follow the same path as its brick and mortar equivalent.