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Adobe Launches Creative Suite 5

Software giant Adobe has announced the launched of the fifth version of its Creative Suite in a subdued market that is still recovering from the current economic downturn.

The suite of products, which includes household names like Photoshop and Illustrator, will be shipped over the next 30 days and will be offered in a number of packages - five in total - as it is normally the case.

The most expensive of them all, Master Collection, will comprise of 14 separate applications altogether and carry a SRP of $2599 (Prices and availability in the UK have yet to be confirmed).

Perhaps the most significant improvement is the integration of technology from Omniture which Adobe acquired last year for $1.8 billion and which will provide its professional users with significantly more metrics about how their sites are performing.

Adobe has been hit recently by accusations from Apple that Flash, the proprietary platform owned by Adobe that powers so many rich-media website, is deeply flawed and vulnerable.

The standoff between the two companies caused Apple to alter the terms and conditions of its own software development kit and specifically prevent coders developing for the iPhone OS from importing Flash applications.

Adobe however doesn't seem to be feeling the rise of alternative, web-based services like Picnik which was acquired by Google at the beginning of March.

The overwhelming majority of features available in the new CS5 can only be performed locally, not through a broadband line.

Our Comments

For now, the likes of still represent a tiny fraction of Adobe's bottom line but like Microsoft, it needs to keep an eye on the ever increasing number of competitors that may disrupt its 20-year old business model.

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