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Apple iPhone 4.0 OS Already Jailbroken?

Apple Inc.'s newly released iPhone 4.0 OS beta SDK, which was made available to application developers a few days ago, has been successfully 'jailbroken' by the same iPhone Dev Team member who did the same to the iPad, Apple Insider has reported.

Apple Insider, a popular blog which is focused on the Cupertino-based firm, revealed that the hacker, MuscleNerd had broken into the iPhone 4.0 OS running on a iPhone 3GS and installed an unauthorised virtual networking client, Veency, which only works on jailbroken iPhones.

However, the hacker, who had recently released a video which indicated at a possible hack of Apple's newly launched iPad, warned via his Twitter account that the new beta SDK released by the company was extremely 'buggy' and advised users not to try the code on their iPhone devices.

Meanwhile, the iPhone Dev Team, which was also responsible for the very first iPhone hacks, challenged Apple's claims that hardware issues did not permit multitasking on the the legendary smartphone.

Apart from exhibiting some known software solutions to enable multitasking on a jailbroken iPhone, the Dev Team also unveiled a software to enable MMS capabilities on the smartphone, which, according to rumours, might see some exciting new hardware updates from the Cupertino based company.

Our Comments

That didn't take that long, did it. We're quite impressed to hear that hackers have been able to circumvent Apple's protection. Still, it is quite interesting to see that the company is not going after them and try to close them altogether.

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