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Apple Set To Launch 3D Glasses According To Patents Filed

The Telegraph has reported that the Cupertino based iPhone maker, Apple, will soon venture into the emerging portable 3D device market, by developing 3D spectacles, which will allow users to watch 3D videos on the move.

An article on the popular news website claimed that the company, which recently launched the iPad tablet PC, has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, describing the intricacies of the device, which is shaped like spectacles. It is being said that the device will offer 3D-viewing abilities currently being offered by state of the art cinema screens.

Interestingly, the figure on the patent application hints that users will be able to hook their iPods and iPhones with the 3D spectacle, allowing them to watch the videos stored on their portable players, in 3D.

Explaining the sophisticated technology behind the 3D glasses, Apple wrote on the patent application that “Stereoscopic imaging attempts to create depth to the image frames by simulating the angular difference between the image frames viewed by each eye when looking at an object, due to the different positions of the eye.”

The patent filing also revealed that the device will come equipped with a small camera which will beam images from the outside world into the glasses.

Our Comments

The device will also have infrared sensors which will notify the user if sometimes tries to catch their attention when they are using the 3D glasses. This is yet another patent from Apple and there's nothing that supports the fact that it will launch a new product in the short term.

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