Facebook Execs To Meet With CEOP

Representatives of the social networking platform Facebook are all set to meet with the heads of Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), to discuss the measures that are going to be implemented on the website in order to make it safer for children.

Facebook, which is the largest social networking platform in terms of users, has been criticised for the lack of enthusiasm shown by the company when it comes to monitoring the website for potential paedophiles, who target vulnerable children on the platform.

Expressing his views on the matter, CEOP Director Jim Gamble, said in a statement to the BBC that “If you're going to operate a business that encourages people to frequent your public place so that you can advertise to them, then let's look after them while they're there.”

Gamble had earlier lashed out at Facebook, calling it arrogant enough to ignore the increasing number of harassment and child grooming reports on the website.

Not so long ago, CEOP had come with a 'Panic Button' specially built for social networking websites, which could be used by children and their parents for directly contacting police officials and CEOP staff to report a paedophile or any other nefarious person for that matter.

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The Panic Button also let victims talk to specially trained CEOP staff on how to use the internet safely. There are a number of issues though including the fact that the minimum age for joining Facebook is 13 and Facebook is unlikely to introduce limitations that will prevent it from growing fast or cull a few millions of users.

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