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Half Of UK Believes The iPad Is A Mobile Phone

A poll carried out by voucher site discovered that nearly half of those surveyed though that the iPad, Apple's latest mobile device, was actually a mobile phone.

Six percent of those questioned thought it was an MP3 player (which is indeed one of its functions), two percent believed it was a handheld games console while a mere one percent identified the the iPad as a camera, which the Apple tablet is devoid of.

Only 41 percent correctly answered that the iPad was a tablet computer. MyVouchercodes did not have the cheek to ask the 1374 people who took part in the survey whether they believed it was a bigger version of the iPod Touch though.

That said, even if the majority of us were unable to correctly say what an iPad stands for, a whopping 81 percent said that they were willing to buy one which bodes well for Apple (ed : they don't know what it's for and yet they want to buy one).

Given that the prices of the six iPad models have yet to be disclosed, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a significant 36 percent of those questioned said that the iPad would cost £900 or more in the UK - which might actually be true of the 64GB 3G version.

Mark Pearson, Managing Director of MVC, said that, "Although we had suspicions that a lot of people thought the iPad was a phone, it’s incredibly surprising to see just how many actually did".

Our Comments

Interestingly, one percent of those who answered thought that the iPad was either a digital photo frame (which it can be) or a feminine hygiene product - sanitary towels - launched by Apple.

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