Iceland to become fortress of free speech

The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (Immi) has announced that it intends to set up a safe sanctuary for investigative journalists and whistle blowers alike.

Following the country's financial meltdown a parliamentary decision supported by all parties was made to make Iceland "a leader of freedoms of expression and information."

The new law intends to cherry pick the best bits of legislation from around the world in order place Iceland at the centre of a new freedom of expression movement.

What this means is that individual investigative journalists as well as organisations like Wikileaks will be able to operate freely and without fear of government or corporate interference.

It is also hoped that the chilly new media nirvana will protect people from badly written, poorly executed and barely scrutinised pieces of legislation - like the currently unworkable Digital Economy Bill - which was steamrollered through the UK parliament by dissinterested MPs keen to get back to their constituencies to prepare for the forthcoming general election.

Wikileaks stalwart Julian Assange has been instrumental in setting up the organisation and we wouldn't be surprised to see the web site's staff shopping for parkas and thermal undies in the near future.

The whistle-blowing web site recently obtained video of an American helicopter gunship indiscriminately slaughtering over a dozen people in Iraq including two news agency staff.

Please be warned that the video, which could not be obtained under the freedom of information act is brutal, uncensored and highly disturbing.