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LapDock Converts An iPad Into A Netbook

If like us you have dreamt of an accessory that can convert an iPad into a netbook, then look no forward as the LapDock which does just that, has been announced.

It acts as a docking station for an Apple iPad and a An Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboard; it provides with a much better solution than merely having a hard case. Back in February, we wrote about such a device (see How To Convert An Apple iPad Into A Netbook) but thought UK-based IONaudio could do a much better job at it especially after having launched the innovative iType.

There's not much details for the time being though and the fact that the domain name has been registered last week doesn't necessarily inspire a lot of trust.

That said, they've got working prototypes of the device and the accompanying videos have generated a LOT of attention (more than 47,000 views) and comments.

The newer version of the video is below and one thing's for sure, it really lacks a touchpad. Also don't expect to get any other features like USB ports, webcam or the ability to run applications that are not from the App store. You can subscribe to their mailing list and be informed when the lapdock will go on sale.

Our Comments

There will be some iPad functions that won't be accessible simply because of the screen orientation of the device (landscape in this case). We believe that it might be a real killer application for the iPad although we will wait for a proper docking station to come.

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