MI5 Pink-slipping Staff Uneasy With Twitter Or Facebook

Britain's premier intelligence agency, MI5, has started firing those staff members who don't know how use social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which have become a major communication hub for extremists planning terrorist attacks and meetings.

The Daily Mail reported that the intelligence agency believes that there is a need for vigilant monitoring of these social networks in order to track the messages exchanged between possible terror suspects.

Therefore, in order to do so, the agency will need people who know their way around in popular social networking platforms.

Commenting on the issue at hand, Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Parliamentary subcommittee on counter-terrorism, said in a statement to the Telegraph that “Our enemies use every available method to attack including using technology. We have to be aware of the imminent threats of cyber attacks and the old generation of MI5 have to be completely comfortable using computers and the latest technology.”

Meanwhile, cyber security experts with the agency warned that Britain might succumb to a sophisticated cyber attack, if one was to happen.

The MI5 redundancy program has been presented to the MPs Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee and is said to include 'voluntary and compulsory redundancies.'

Our Comments

Assuming that this is indeed true, it might be a seriously worrying tendency and one which might even be illegal if labour laws are taken into consideration. That said, mastering Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools is no rocket science.

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