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Nokia Purchases Metacarta

Nokia Inc., the Finland based mobile phone manufacturer, has announced that the company has acquired location-based mapping software maker MetaCarta, in order to offer location based services to its device users.

According to a statement released by the phone maker, the company intends to use MetaCarta technology in order to develop location based local search services for its users. MetaCarta, which is a privately held company, currently employs 30 people.

MetaCarta, which fashions itself as a provider of 'geographic intelligence solutions', develops software which takes documents from a document database and projects them in an online map, which can be viewed from mobile devices and browser based maps like Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual.

Explaining the reasons behind the acquisition, Nokia said in an official press release that “MetaCarta unique technology combines geosearch and geotagging capabilities allowing users to find content about a location in internal and external data stores. MetaCarta's products make data and unstructured content "location-aware" and geographically relevant”.

The MetaCarta acquisition marks Nokia's frenzied attempts to take a stand in the lucrative location based services market, which has many players including Google, Yahoo and Apple with the latter planning to launch its own location based IM service for the iPhone.

Our Comments

Things are not looking bright for Nokia even though it has managed to purchase Metacarta. Other smartphone manufacturers are aggressively pushing forward their LBS offers and Nokia has had a lukewarm welcome with both Ovi and "comes with music" solutions.

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