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RIM Debuts Twitter Client For Blackberry

Research in Motion, the leader of the US smartphone market, has unleashed its very first Twitter application for its blockbuster BlackBerry smartphone devices, after being tested internally for the last two months.

The application, which is available in a beta version, comes bundled with some extra features which allow users to customise the manner in which they receive their @replies and direct messages on their business phones.

Users will be also able to send messages in real-time in order to receive instant replies. The Twitter client, which has been optimised for the screen of the smartphone, is also designed to timely notify users about new Tweets and re-Tweets.

RIM, the Canada based smartphone maker, also announced that the Twitter for BlackBerry application comes equipped with a sophisticated search function which will allow BlackBerry users to search for keywords on Twitter.

Explaining the workings of the application, RIM reported that the new Twitter client is designed to run in the background while people go through their mail and surf the internet as they please and they can continue to send and receive Tweets in real-time.

Interestingly, the Twitter app will also allow users to create and edit Twitter lists apart from the photo-sharing feature which lets users take and upload pictures using the camera of the smartphone.

Our Comments

Twitter is now so omnipresent that it would be foolish for any smartphone manufacturer to neglect the appeal of the microblogging website. Still, what can business people find with Twitter? We're not sure about it. Another interesting tidbit, RIM rather than Twitter came up with the client.

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