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Schools using GTA to teach good from bad

Schools are using video games and to teach children that real-life violence is wrong.

Kids in eight Merseyside schools are being shown clips from ultra-violent games like Grand Theft Auto - in which players can gleefully chop up hookers with chainsaws and beat innocent bystanders to death with baseball bats - in order to develop a moral compass.

The eight to 11-year-olds are, according to the Guardian, shown the images and asked to decide whether they represent "good real life", "bad real life" or are "not real".

Set up to counter the fear that children are exposed to so much violence that they are becoming desensitised to the consequences of such acts, the Home Office funded scheme has been such a success that is being extended to other areas in the near future.

Choosing his words rather carelessly, one head teacher said that staff who had been involved in the Get Real scheme had been "blown away" by it.