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Sharp Will Release Four-Colour 3D Television Sets

Sharp Corporation, the Japanese electronics major, is all set to roll-out a four color 3D LCD TV, which will be available to the masses later this year. The launch of the 3D televisions will catapult Sharp in to the lucrative 3D television market, which is currently dominated by the likes of LG and Samsung.

According to an official statement released by the company, users will be required to wear special 3D glasses in order to view the 3D images which, the company says, will be better in quality than its competitors due to brighter LCD screens.

The LCD TVs, which will give competition to 3D TVs from LG, will also come equipped with Sharp's LED backlight scanner which will reduce crosstalks, which refers to the appearance of the faint double-image on 3D screens.

Popular technology blog Crunchgear reported that the 3D LCD TVs from Sharp will come with four color technology, which uses red (R), green (G), blue (B) and yellow (Y) in order to produce images as opposed to the standard Red, Green and Blue (RGB) color display.

Sharp, which is renowned for its TV technology, also said that further details about revolutionary TV sets will be unveiled by the company at a later stage.

Our Comments

Sharp is also rumoured to be providing the technology behind Nintendo just announced portable 3D gaming platform, one which doesn't need any glasses. The television sets that Sharp has announced will unfortunately need a pair to work.

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