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Tesco Mobile Now Offers Unlimited iPhone Contract For £45 P/M

Tesco Mobile has clearly demonstrated its intention of becoming a major iPhone reseller by announcing that it will be offering unlimited iPhone contracts for as little as £45 per month on a two year contract, down from the original £60.

Users can choose between a 8GB iPhone 3G and a 16GB iPhone 3GS (ed : really, it doesn't make sense to go for the former) plus get unlimited minutes, texts, web and WiFi; the 32GB version is available for an additional £79.

Alternatively, you can get 250 minutes and unlimited texts and internet for £12 on a short 12 months contract. You will have to pay £222 for the 8GB version, £320 for the 16GB model and £407 for the 32GB edition.

For those looking for more minutes can go for the £35 per month and enjoy 750 minutes and pay less for the three aforementioned handsets upfront (that's £100, £200 and £275 respectively).

Strangely enough, Tesco Mobile doesn't have any 18-months contract as it is the norm across the industry and only one 24-month one. Furthermore, sticking to a 24 month contract now means that you won't be able to get a new iPhone until spring 2011.

Still, Tesco's unlimited offer is the best one on the market significantly undercutting O2's (£60), Vodafone's (£75) and Orange (£75).

Tesco announced its iPhone offers back in December 2009 and you can find the latest prices here.

Our Comments

Our advise,better stick to what you have for the time being and get Tesco's package as soon as the new iPhone 4G is launched which means that you will miss the iPhone 5G and catch up on the iPhone 6G. Tesco should offer this package on other phones as well.

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