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First hexacore laptop launched

While our friends in the Far East are busy squeezing low-power chips into the tiniest space possible, Eurocom has just announced the first six-core laptop, and it’s a 5.4kg monster.

The company has just announced that its D900F Panther chassis can now be configured with Intel’s Core i7 980X desktop Gulftown CPU, which features six cores and a clock speed of 3.33GHz. With a TDP of 130W, the processor alone will consume more power than many whole laptops when it’s running at full pelt, and it’s going to get hot, too.

Nevertheless, Eurocom is confident that its chassis is up to the task. The Panther series of LGA1366 laptops has been doing the rounds for a few months now, and in August 2009 the company revealed that the chassis would be able to handle a quad-core 3.33GHz Core i7 975X CPU. Clearly no stranger to building high-powered laptops, Eurocom reckons it can handle a six-core CPU, too.

You’ll have to really want those extra two cores, though, as Core i7 980X chips currently cost the best part of a grand. The D900F Panther comes with a quad-core Core i7 960 chip as standard, but it will cost you an extra £458 to configure it with a six-core CPU.

We specified a machine using Eurocom’s online configurator, and found that you’d need £2,662 for a six-core D900F Panther, which would also get you 6GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and a 1GB GeForce GTX 280M graphics card. Bear in mind that this cost doesn’t even include an OS, either.

That’s the price you pay for top-end processing power, though, and that’s what 3D professionals are often looking for. Eurocom describes the machine as “the ultimate mobile workstation,” and says that it’s “perfect for software and database developers, graphics, photography, gaming, 3D modelling, CAD, CAM, CAE, digital content creators, engineers and anyone demanding maximum power, storage and video.”

With a width of 397mm, and a weight of 5.4kg, this isn’t a machine that you’ll want to plop onto your lap on the tube, but it will give power users a lot of portable processing power.

With so much room in the chassis, there’s also plenty of room for upgrades. The Panther can accept up to four hard drives, which can be figured in a variety of RAID configurations. There are also options for SSDs, and the graphics chip is also upgradeable via Nvidia’s MXM technology. As well as the GTX 280M gaming chip, there’s also a choice of Quadro FX cards for 3D professionals, as well as a Mobility Radeon HD 5870 if you want it.

Plus, you could theoretically use it on the train if you really needed to. The machine comes with a 12-cell lithium-ion battery rated at 6,600mAh.

If you’re on the lookout for a multi-threaded movable monster then take your browser to Eurocom’s website.