Google Ready To Take On iPad?

The New York Times has claimed that internet search and advertising company Google, is planning to take on Apple's iPad tablet device by launching its own Android based tablet device, which, according to 'reliable sources' will a 'reader with computing capabilities.'

According to the NYT article, which highlighted Apple's potential competitors in the tablet device market, Google's Chief Executive Officer Eric Schimdt, who had once openly praised Steve Jobs for his genius, confided the company's plans to some friends in an L.A party. Sources reported that Schimdt let it slip that the company is working on its own version of the iPad, which will run on its popular Android operating system.

Meanwhile, the paper also reported that sources working in the top secret project claimed that Google was operating in 'Stealth Mode' in order to make deals with several publishers and media houses to provide content for the device.

This would not be first time Google tries to enter Apple's domain. One time partners, Apple and Google, had a falling out when the latter introduced its Android operating system which directly challenged Apple's iPhone smartphone device.