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Google Unleashes Revamped Docs, Hints At More Updates

Search engine behemoth Google has announced the revamped version of its popular online document editing and creating tool, Google Docs, which will now come with enhanced online collaboration features that will allow 50 people to work together on the same document.

In a post on the official Google Docs Blog, written by Google Docs Product Manager, Jonathan Rochelle, Google previewed a newly revamped Google Docs, which will come with an improved spreadsheet editor and collaborative drawing editor.

The company, which supports all things open source, also warned that the new and improved editors do not support the Gears technology, which allows offline editing of the documents. But the company also reassured that offline editing will be soon enabled by the means of HTML 5 web technology.

Commenting on the enhanced features of Google Docs, which has been targeting other enterprise software competitors, Rochelle wrote that “you can now see character-by-character changes as other collaborators make edits. We also added another popular feature from spreadsheets: sidebar chat, so you can discuss documents as you work on them with colleague.”

For now, the new Google Docs features will be available in preview versions over the next few weeks with no clear details about the actual launch date of the functions.