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G.Skill memory hits 2,500MHz

The memory megahertz race took a speed jump today, as G.Skill confidently boasted that it’s produced the “world’s fastest memory.” The sticks in G.Skill’s latest dual-channel DDR3 Trident kit can be clocked at a data rate of 2,500MHz.

Of course, we’ve heard that proud phrase “world’s fastest memory” plenty of times before. In fact, just last month, Kingston used it to describe its 2,400MHz DDR3 memory. The difference, however, was that Kingston’s memory wasn’t actually the fastest; it was just the fastest to get through Intel’s XMP qualification labs.

Conversely, G.Skill’s 2,500MHz kit is the first we’ve heard of that guarantees a data rate of 2,500MHz. Unlike Kingston and Corsair’s top-end modules, G.Skill’s latest DIMMs haven’t been qualified by Intel’s labs, although the company has teamed up with Asus to ensure that the memory can run at this frequency in a variety of tests.

In its work with Asus, G.Skill tested the memory on the P55-based Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe, as well as the P55 Express-based P7P55D-E EVO. The company claims that the memory will run fine at 2,500MHz on these boards, with latency timings of 9-11-9-28. More importantly, however, G.Skill claims that the memory can run at these high settings without pushing the voltage beyond 1.65V, meaning that the CPU won’t overheat.

Interestingly, G.Skill isn’t pitching the memory at Intel’s top-end LGA1366 900-series of Core i7 CPUs, with triple-channel memory controllers, but is instead targeting it at the cheaper, dual-channel LGA1156 Core i7 860 and 870 CPUs. As such, the kit will come in a 4GB pack, containing a pair of 2GB DIMMs.

Asus’ general manager of its motherboards division, Che-Wei Lin, has given his support to G.Skill, heralding the introduction of a new memory frequency. “As the global motherboard leaders, we’ve developed quite a few innovations that are now industry standards,” he says, adding that “working with G.Skill to achieve this new extreme-frequency, dual-channel DDR3-2500, is part of this tradition, and we’re very happy to be involved.”

Earlier in January, G.Skill launched its first set of 2,400MHz DDR3 memory, which run at the same voltage and latency timings as the new 2,500MHz set. However, the 2,400MHz kit had a different heatsink design, as well as an optional fan attachment. For the new set, G.Skill appears to have reverted to its usual Trident memory heatsink, and there’s no sign of a fan attachment this time.

G.Skill hasn’t announced an availability date, or any information on pricing yet, but the modules are unlikely to be cheap. A set of the company’s 2,300MHz modules, currently goes for £156.86 inc VAT, so we’d expect the 2,500MHz modules to cost a couple of hundred quid for a pair.