HTC Desire To Cause Google Nexus To Fail In UK?

So the HTC Desire is already out en force on almost all major UK mobile phone networks and already there's some tough competition between the likes of Vodafone and T-Mobile.

So much so that everyone seems to have forgotten the "other" Android phone from Google, the Nexus One. The phone is almost identical to the HTC Desire and had been announced on Vodafone for Spring 2010 since the beginning of the year on Google's website.

Vodafone lists the Google Nexus One as coming "soon" to the network without explicitly saying "April 2010". When it is finally launched, it will be facing the impending launch of the iPhone 4G and the immediate threat of the HTC Desire.

The HTC Desire for example is available on Phones4U for £25 per month with 300 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited calls to Magic Numbers, anytime mobile internet browsing (500MB) and unlimited email on a 18-month contract.

Alternatively, you can order the phone from Mobilephonedirect unlocked and unbranded for £349. The phone is labelled as PAYG on T-Mobile but there are numerous reports on forums that says otherwise.

There's absolutely no way that Vodafone will sell the Pay As You Go Nexus One for as cheap as this (assuming they will release a PAYG version) while Simply Electronics lists the SIM Free version for a whopping £480, significantly more than the HTC Desire.

Unless Vodafone significantly drops the price of the Nexus One at launch, it is unlikely to attract a meaningful volume of subscribers.