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Law Firm Refuses To Send Fine Letters, Blames 'Adverse Publicity'

With the passing of the controversial Digital Economy Bill, illegal file sharers are being bombarded with fine letters sent by a few chosen law firms, which are penalising ISP customers with fines upwards of £500.

However, one such law firm, Tilly, Bailey and Irvine Solicitors (TBI), has announced that it will not be sending any more of these fine letter because of the 'adverse publicity' it has been receiving over the past couple of days. Several consumer rights group, which have actively opposed the Bill, welcomed the decision and praised the law firm for 'finally seeing sense.'

Expressing his views on the matter, John Hall, managing partner at TBI, said in a statement that “We have been surprised and disappointed at the amount of adverse publicity that our firm has attracted in relation to this work and the extra time and resources that have been required to deal solely with this issue.”

The law firm reported that the practice of sending out fine letters had caused serious damage to the firm's reputation and had been affecting other areas of its work. But the firm also informed that the decision to stop sending the fine letters was purely commercial and there were no noble intentions behind it.