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Sony PS3 Other OS row hits Facebook

Facebook has become the latest battlefront in the row over Sony's controversial decision to remove the Install Other OS function from the PlayStation 3.

A recent firmware upgrade to version 3.21 of the operating system killed of the ability to install Linux and other third party operating systems on older, fatter versions of the console. It also created quite a kerfufflle with a number of users who experienced post-upgrade issues ranging from broken HDMI and USB connections through infinite install loops and totally bricked consoles.

Sony recently apologised for the unpopular move explaining that it was forced to remove the function to protect the console's security from hackers like GeoHot, but at least one canny owner has managed to wangle a partial refund out of Amazon UK.

Now angry users are turning to social notworking site Facebook in an attempt to get Sony so sit up and listen.

The snappily-named group Removal of "Other OS" feature on PS3 is unacceptable!!! currently has just 188 members, but we suppose these things have to start somewhere.

If you've got the hump about Sony ejecting the penguin, get over there and add your voice to the growing rumble of dissent.