Street View Accused Of Aiding In Garage Burglary

Gordon Rayner, a milkman by profession, has accused Google's online Street View service of aiding burglars, who struck three times at his garage, after finding a Street View image of his garage door being open.

Rayner, who resides in Brackendale Parade, called Google's Street View an 'invasion of privacy' and claimed that the service was a godsend for thieves, who could gain valuable information from the service.

The Telegraph reported a distressed Rayner saying that “When you look at the photograph, my face is blacked out, the windows of my house are blacked out, but because the garage door was left open, you can clearly see everything in there.”

Meanwhile, Google Street View, which has been given a green light by the Information Commissioners Office (IOC), claimed that there have been no signs of crime elevation in any of the 20 countries where the service was launched. Google Street View has been targeted by privacy groups, which claim that Google has no right to take images of people's streets, and that these images could be used by burglars.

The milkman, who lost his mountain bike to the thieves, claimed that the Street View image taken by Google displayed the entire contents of his garage. He believes that Google should have blacked-out the image of the garage being open.