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Tory Website The Slowest Of All Political Websites

The official website of UK's Conservative party has been found to be the slowest website by a UK political party. Research done to discover this was conducted by online usability company Site Confidence, which found that the Tory website takes an average of 24.78 seconds to load.

Site Confidence revealed that the Tory website, which relies heavily on social networking in order spread its anti-Labour messages, was much slower than the official websites of the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, which took 12.06 seconds and 6.24 seconds respectively, in order to load.

Expressing his views on the results of the research, Bob Dowson, director at Site Confidence, said in statement that “An average download speed of in excess of 20 seconds, as recorded for the Conservatives site in March, is very poor. The threshold for sites such as this should be 10 seconds.” He also added that during election time, in order to get information to the public as quickly as possible, political parties should aim for higher speeds.

However, Site Confidence also reported that even though the Tory site was excruciatingly slow, it still managed 100 percent availability in March as opposed the Labour website which went down for one hour and thirteen minutes, and the Liberal Democrat website suffered outage for four minutes and nineteen seconds in March.