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Twitter To Get A New Advertising Platform

Micro blogging giant Twitter has announced advertising plans for businesses, on the social networking platform, in an attempt to make the company into a more profitable venture.

Twitter, which allows users to send 140 character long messages, introduced the 'Promoted Tweets' advertising model, that will allow businesses to purchase keywords, which when searched by the users, will contain advertising along with the search results.

Commenting on the introduction of the ad platform, Twitter founder Biz Stone wrote on the Twitter blog that “We’ll attempt to measure whether the Tweets resonate with users and stop showing Promoted Tweets that don’t resonate. Promoted Tweets will be clearly labelled as “promoted” when an advertiser is paying.”

The company, which was founded in 2006 by Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and others, has been trying to come up with a profitable plan to exploit the immense popularity of the micro blogging service, which has become a major marketing tool for small businesses.

According to the the company, a Promoted Tweet will be just like any other Tweet that comes with replying, re-Tweeting and favoriting. Meanwhile, Twitter has planned the first phase of the Promoted Tweets scheme with partners which include companies like Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America.