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UK Surfers Largely Satisfied With Prevailing Broadband Speeds

In a recent survey conducted by, it was revealed that 56 percent of UK's population is satisfied with their current real-world broadband speeds, while a staggering 41 percent download more than 30 GB of data every month.

The survey also indicated that 44 percent of the people surveyed are not satisfied with the kind of broadband speed they receive, which means if there was ever a time to introduce superfast broadband internet, it is now.

The research, which was concluded after surveying 956 respondents, also revealed that broadband internet plans with the 'Advertised' speed of 8 Mbps were the most popular with 8 percent of the respondents opting for them. Interestingly, there were also those who had no idea what kind of speed they were paying for or how much they download in a month, 11.9 percent did not know their data usage while 1.8 percent were not aware of the 'Advertised' speed of their broadband connection.

Commenting on the results of the survey,’s Editor and Founder, Mark Jackson, wrote in an official press release that “Part of the problem stems from the fact that existing broadband services are complicated, with speed being negatively impacted by many factors such as the length of your telephone line, electrical interference and poor home wiring.”