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Apple iPad banned from Israel

Apple's Second Coming of the portable computer has been denied access to the Holy Land.

Border guards are confiscating the tablet computers at border crossings and airports because the oversized iPod's wifi hardware doesn't comply with Israeli broadcasting standards.

The Communications Ministry reportedly refused to pander to Apple's secrecy demands when it came to testing the tablet computer for compliance with the country's infrastructure.

Now a row has broken out between the Ministry's engineering staff and the Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon.

The iPad is officially only available in the USA where wifi standards allow weaker signals than in Israel, which has similar standards to Europe. There is, however, a lively grey market for imported and overinflated devices for impatient and deep-pocketed super-early adopters.

Apparently, a number of iPads have already been confiscated and are currently languishing in a customs warehouse accruing storage costs for their unlucky owners.