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BT Pushing Multi-Play Broadband Bundles

Telecom giant BT is gradually transforming itself from a disparate provider of multiple related telecommunication services into one with a more integrated range of offers.

It is starting the push by emphasizing on its Talk bundles which include two or more services, just like its main competitors, Talk talk, Virgin Media and Sky. BT is also looking to sweeten the deal by making the first three months free and offering free connection charge for new customers on the triple play package.

BT reckons that you will be able to save as much as £147 for those ordering the Talk, Surf and Watch Unlimited package which is the most expensive offer. It offers up to 20Mbps broadband speed, unlimited downloads, unlimited UK anytime calls, six viewing packs and the Vision+ box with Freeview access.

At £48.99 per month with an additional £11.54 for the line rental, it is a very expensive proposal indeed. Likewise, the Talk and Surf Plus package offers a 20Mbps speed with a puny 10GB download allowance with unlimited UK anytime cals for £31.53 including the compulsory line rental.

BT will also phase out its broadband only packages on 18-months contract. They will only be available on 12-months ones instead and won't come with any introductory discount, something that will hit existing customers. Find more about those deals here.

Our Comments

To be honest, the BT deal could have been much better. Both Virgin Media and Sky have better deals especially for new customers. That said, you do get inclusive 0845 and 0870 numbers at any time plus BT's award winning Wireless Home hub and Hub phone.

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