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Check Point Unveils DLP Solution

Check Point, an IT security software vendor, has dished out a new data loss prevention (DLP) tool, which, according to the company, will be more focused on educating workers about DLP procedures part from offering sophisticated data protection functionality.

The DLP tool, which will be available in the market as a software and an appliance, will allow system administrators to let employees rectify the data breach that might arise, educating them about data protection measures as well.

Interestingly, the DLP tool will also come equipped with an optional UserCheck option, which is designed to instantly notify a user, via pop-up window about any data which is at risk and will guide them as they rectify the data leak.

Expressing his views on the launch of the software, Check Point chief operating officer Amnon Bar-Lev said in a statement that “Everyone is leaking information. It's happening every day. Our DLP is not just a technology platform. It's very simple and non-intrusive, and UserCheck means you have a more meaningful log and you can really educate the user.”

According to the company, the DLP software will come pre-loaded with 250 best data loss prevention practices which can be implemented by employees from a user friendly interface.