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Google Launches Mobile App For iPad

Despite the rumoured hostility between Apple Inc. and Google, the latter's Mobile App has made an appearance on Apple's app store, designed specially for the iPad, the latest tablet PC device to hit the market.

However, people who have used the iPhone version of the app have complained that Google has nothing new to offer in the iPad version except for the higher resolution.

But on the other hand, industry experts believe that Google failed to exploit the capabilities of the iPad on purpose, because if it had, Apple would have never allowed it to feature on the iPad store.

According to Google, the iPad app, like its iPhone cousin, allows users to do pretty much everything they can already do on the internet, but with an added functionality. Users can perform their Google rituals by giving voice commands in practically any language, including Mandarin, Spanish and French.

In addition to that, the app automatically tracks the location of the user without the user manually entering it. Apart from its web features, the Google app for the iPad will also let users search their contacts, go through their search history and take help from Google Suggest.

Our Comments

So, instead of a truly outstanding Google Mobile for iPad, end users are stuck with a mere scaled up version of the iPhone app. That said, Google is likely to indirectly benefit from the launch of the iPad since it will single handedly create a market for tablet PCs.

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