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Microsoft Outsources Technical Support To Infosys

Microsoft, the company behind the Windows 7 OS, has announced that it has awarded a 3-year IT contract to Indian IT consultancy Infosys.

The deal will see the latter take over Microsoft's internal IT responsibilities and will offer technical support to Microsoft staff in 450 locations in 104 countries worldwide. However, the financial details of the contract have not been disclosed.

According to the announcement made by the companies, the IT deal will see Infosys handling the help desk and desk-side services, along with infrastructure and application support. Infosys will also assist Microsoft in deploying its own technology including the newly launched Windows 7 OS.

The software giant intimated that the internal process outsourcing deal with the Indian IT giant will help the company in reducing IT costs and providing the much needed flexibility to its tech operations.

Interestingly, Microsoft also said that a part of Infosys's fee will depend on how much money it manages to save for Microsoft.

Expressing his views on the IT deal, Jim DuBois, general manager for Microsoft service management, said in a statement that the solution will offer "a robust tool platform and the creation of a Service Excellence Office will help us enhance how we deliver end-user computing services to our internal employees and partners.”

Our Comments

You'd think that Microsoft would better be served by itself but the fact that it is outsourcing a vital part of its business to an external third party means that the software giant might be seriously considering some heavy cost cutting exercise soon. Expect others to follow suit soon.

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