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Nokia Launches Trio Of Affordable Social Smartphones

Nokia, the largest mobile phone maker in the world, has dished out its own range of social networking centric smartphones, in an attempt to win back its lost market share by cashing in on the social networking phenomenon.

The smartphones, the C3, C6 and E5, have been designed to target various levels of the market. The company reported that the all the three phones will come with full QWERTY keyboards, easy-to-use messaging capabilities and a whole range of social networking tools which will allow users to stay connected all time.

Commenting on the much-warranted launch of the smartphones, Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia's head of markets, said in statement that “People want the best messaging and social networking experience on an affordable device, whether it's sending a simple text or instant message, an email, or a direct message from their Twitter account.”

According the company, the Nokia C3 will target the entry level market with a price tag of $122 and will come with Facebook and Twitter capabilities. Interestingly, the phone will display the social messages received by the user right on the home screen.

The Nokia C6 on the other hand will come with a sliding keyboard and features lot more advanced than the C3. The phone, which has been priced at $290, will come with a 3.2 inch display and 5-megapixel camera along with Ovi Maps and free drive navigation.

The E5 looks a lot like the E71 or the E72 and come with a 5-megapixel camera plus a 2.4-inch display. Essentially, it is an E71 lookalike with a few bells and whistles.

Our Comments

Nokia is emulating the likes of Samsung and LG which have literally swamped the entry level market with cheap QWERTY phones. Even Microsof with its newly announced KIN is aiming for the same market. Expect the C3 to be available on £10 contracts or less.

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