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Oracle To Ramp Up MySQL Investment

Oracle Corp., which recently acquired Sun Microsystems, has decided to invest heavily into the popular MySQL open source database software which it had come to own from the Sun acquisition, in an attempt to target Microsoft's SQL Server.

The announcement was made by Oracle's chief corporate architect Edward Screven, who confirmed Oracle's plans before a major press conference to roll-out the company's roadmap for MySQL database.

By increasing the investment in the database program, Oracle will expect a boost in its overall database sales, with hopes of superseding Microsoft as the largest provider of database solutions.

Highlighting Oracle's MySQL agenda, which has remained obscure until now, Screven said in the press conference that “Adding MySQL to that database tier of the stack, we add more applications, we satisfy more customer requirements, we make the Oracle solution more complete - that's why MySQL matters to Oracle and Oracle customers.”

Much to the delight of the open source developer community, Oracle has also decided to work on the 'community edition' of the database as it does not want to 'starve' the open source community by keeping the popular database to itself.

However, Oracle, which is the third largest software company in the world, failed to provide specific details about what kind of investment it plans for developing MySQL.

Our Comments

Great decision from Oracle to actually come out and clearly say that it is still supporting MySQL despite the fact that the later will be competing with its own products. We guess that Oracle might in the long run decide to offer less functionality on MySQL.

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