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VMWare Subsidiary Buys Rabbit Technologies

SpringSource, a Java-based management solutions provider, has announced that the company, which was acquired by VMware a few months back, has bought UK based open source software maker Rabbit Technologies.

According to a statement released by SpringSource, the deal will allow the company to implement key Rabbit technologies with its own portfolio in order to provide comprehensive enterprise communication solutions. SpringSource plans to use Rabbit's RabbitMQ open messaging systems with its own set of communication tools.

Expressing his views on the take over, Rod Johnson, the general manager at SpringSource, said in statement to the Register that “As applications move from the traditional enterprise set-up behind the firewall into public and potentially hybrid clouds, those applications will need messaging as a fundamental building block to communicate with each other.”

However, SpringSource parent company VMware explained that the company plans to offer full support to RabbitMQ's open source agenda and will do whatever it can to work with the open source developer community.

SpringSource plans to integrate RabbitMQ with its own infrastructure so that its developers can work to further develop the software, in order to make it deployable in public and private cloud based infrastructures.

Rabbit Technologies will be the second company to be acquired by SpringSource, which had earlier acquired UK based Cloud Foundary.