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Apple iPhone 4G Coming On 22nd Of June?

Apple & iPhone community website,, claims that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 4G at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on the 22nd of June 2010, the same venue that saw the launch of the Apple iPad.

To be honest, there's no indication from the online YBCA calendar that the event will take place on the 22nd, which happens to be a Tuesday, or on the 25th which is a Friday and ModMyi doesn't mention the source of the information.

Indeed, the last 10 days of June are currently empty on the event calendar and so is the month of July 2010. The iPad was launch on the 27th of January which was a Wednesday.

The last three iPhones were launched at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference. The event this year will be held between the June 28th and July 2nd at the Moscone Center.

Apple has yet to update its WWDC website, which still shows details of its 2009 conference and hasn't started to take in registrations despite the fact that there's only two months or so left.

The iPhone 4G is set to be launched as it enters an uncertain environment with the launch of the new Apple iPad, the forthcoming onslaught of Windows Mobile 7 handsets and a slew of high performance Android smartphones.

Our Comments

The iPhone 4G will be one of the best sellers of this year in the mobile segment as it has been the case for the past few years. We do expect a number of things to happen including the addition of a flash, a bigger screen with higher pixel count and faster processor.

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