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Google To Index And Save All Twitter Messages

Search engine behemoth Google is all set to enhance its internet search capabilities by indexing Twitter messages as a part of a huge database which will allow users to search for Tweets on any given topic.

Twitter, which was created by Jack Dorsey, is an online micro blogging service which allows users to post 140-character long messages. The service has grown immensely popular ever since it was launched and due its real-time capabilities, it has been used for covering important events live.

Google, which is currently scheming to get back at Apple by developing its own iPad, said that soon, people will be able to search each and every Tweet that has been posted ever since the service was launched back in March 2006.

The inclusion of the real-time Twitter search feature was announced via blog post on the official Google blog by Google Real-Time Search Product Manager Dylan Casey, who wrote that “Tweets and other short-form updates create a history of commentary that can provide valuable insights into what’s happened and how people have reacted. We want to give you a way to search across this information and make it useful.”

Our Comments

In related news, the US Library of Congress has also announced that it will create a huge Twitter database so that important Tweets describing some of the most significant world events don't get lost in the haystack. Google's service could prove indispensable in legal cases as well.

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