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Intel To Kickstart Sandy Bridge 32nm Migration By End Of Year

Intel Corp., the world's largest computer chip maker, has announced that the company will commence the production of its latest 32 nanometer micro-architecture codenamed Sandy Bridges, later this year.

The company, which made the announcement during the Intel Developer Forum taking place in Beijing, also revealed its latest system-on-chip processor, code named Tunnel Creek, which, according to the company, will run on the Intel Atom processor.

Commenting on the matter at hand, David Perlmutter, the co-manager at Intel Architecture division, said in a statement that “Intel architecture delivers the right combination of performance and power that provides the foundation across all computing devices creating a virtual continuum of computing to enable this common user experience.”

According to the statement made by company representatives during the forum, the Sandy Bridges system, which is being touted as the successor to Intel's Nehalem system, is going to be the powered with Intel's Advanced Vector Extension to the x86 instruction set architecture, which was unveiled by the company in March 2008.

Interestingly, Intel AVX is capable of enhancing the processing speeds of videos, images, audio, 3D modelling, financial analyses, engineering applications and scientific simulation.

The company also reported that the Sandy Bridges micro-architecture will enhance the encryption and decryption process.

Our Comments

Intel's announcement comes after an exceptional quarter, the best of the company ever recorded. The launch of its new Xeon processor range as well as the fact that AMD hasn't managed to pull out any significant upgrade over the last quarter means that there 2010 is set to be excellent for Intel.

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