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Microsoft Chinese Supplier Lambasted For Abysmal Labour Records

According to a report released by the National Labor Committee (NLC), a global human rights group, a Microsoft supplier located in Guangdong province in China has been violating human rights by hiring 16-17 year olds to work for an average 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

The human rights report, which was compiled over a period of three years, reported that the workers in the factory were receiving inhuman treatment whilst employed there.

Their work environment was extremely unhealthy and they were made to sleep in primitive dorm rooms. It was also indicated that the workers were being treated like prisoners and were forced to buy their own food and mattresses.

During the investigation, one of the workers at the KYE factory told the NLC team that “We are like prisoners ... We do not have a life. There are not many people who can bear it for more than a year, and almost never past two years. Most workers flee after just six or eight months.”

The NLC report claimed that during 2007 and 2008, workers in the KYE factory were in the factory premises for 97 hours in a week, out of which they worked for 80 and a half hours.

Our Comments

Meanwhile, in 2009, workers were at the factory for almost 83 hours a week out of which they worked for 68 hours. This is only slightly better and one need to see whether Microsoft will actually take prompt action like Apple did a few weeks ago in a similar case.

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