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Nokia N8 UK Launch Pushed Till July

Nokia has apparently reported the launch of its super smartphone, the N8, until the end of July if a report on GSM Arena is to be believed. The phone first appeared on our radar back in March 2010.

Someone from O2 UK tipped the site on the fact that the new N8 will be available but not for a foreseeable future. Mid-July was quoted as the most probable launch window instead of the initial April ETA.

The phone, which is also known as the N8-00, will comes with a 12-megapixel camera with Flash and will be capable of recording in HD 720p, something that others already offer.

It will offer HDMI out and we expect a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor plus the Symbian^3 platform but minus the keyboard. The phone will be a direct replacement for the ageing N97 model which has already been superseded by competitors.

O2 did not offer the N97 previously so this will be a new addition to its range. However the success of the N8-00 will depend on how well the HTC Evo, Incredible and Desire, the Sony Ericsson X10 and Apple's own iPhone 4G perform over the next few months.

Furthermore, Nokia doesn't normally ship phones immediately after being announced, which means that the N8-00 might appear in shops only towards the end of the third quarter.

Our Comments

The N8 may be one of the last high end Nokia handsets to come with an ARM processor and a Symbian operating system as the phone manufacturer embraces Intel's x86 platform wholeheartedly for better and for worse.

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