O2 Offers £35 Unlimited Everything Monthly Contract

O2 has given the green light to its offshoot community-centered mobile network operator, GiffGaff, to start selling a £35 so-called Goodybag that gives unlimited calls, texts and internet for as little as £35 per month.

http://giffgaff.com/index/pricing Giffgaff says that there is no limit to anything provided that your usage is personal - nothing commercial or automated. Furthermore mobile internet allowances unfortunately exclude PC use and tethering.

Still, there's no need to sign for any contract with them - an automated top up system means that you will be paying a fixed fee each month - and the fact that they're backed by O2 means that prospective customers have nothing to lose really.

There are also a number of other packages as well; the £5 includes unlimited texts, the £10 includes 100 minutes, unlimited internet and texts (ed : possibly one of the best deals on the market), while the £15 ups the minutes allowance to 300.

Calls to other Giffgaff members are free and calls to other mobiles and land lines only 8p per minute. Still, you will have to pay to listen to your voicemail, something O2 users do not have to worry about.

3 UK charges £17 for the equivalent 300 minutes offer and £15 for the 100 minutes one but offers free Sky calls and free voicemail as well.