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Sony 3D TV debut will be 'affordable'

Sony has announced that its first foray into the UK 3D TV market will happen in June.

The Japanese electronics giant says the first range of sets available will be 'affordable' though it hasn't released exact prices or given any indication of what 'affordable' means. We're guessing that your average Sony executive probably takes home a little bit more than your average THINQ reader (or writer), but we might be wrong.

All nestled within the Bravia led range, the HX800 and HX803 which are pegged to arrive in June will be followed by the LX900, LX903 and LX905.

Now listen carefully because this is the complicated bit. The model numbers ending in 03 have built in Freeview whilst those ending in 05 support satellite signals. HX models are 3D capable but you'll have to shell out for a separate 3D kit. The LX models have all of the above plus integrated 3D support and wifi. Got it? Good.

The TVs will be bundled with a free copy of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Deep Sea, both in 3D, of course.

At the same time, the PlayStation 3 console will get a firmware upgrade and a bunch of free 3D games to play with... if you own a Sony 3D TV.