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Sony Announces First 3D Television Sets

Sony has confirmed that the Japanese electronics giant will launch its first 3D television set, the aptly named Bravia HX803, in June 2010 complete with a number of 3D games for the Playstation 3 gaming console, useful, assuming you own one.

The launch will also be accompanied by a number of 3D peripherals and other models, including the HX903 and the LX903 will follow shortly. The price of the HX803 - which will come with 40-inch and 46-inch diagonals - have yet to be disclosed.

It comes with Sony's signature Motionflow 200Hz PRO antiblur technology, Dynamic Edge LED and a built-in Freeview HD 3D-capable tuner. The HX803 also has the Bravia Engine 3 which promises optimal contrast and "truer-to-life" colour tones.

Other interesting features include the fact that it is WiFi Ready - just add in a wireless adaptor or USB dongle - and incorporates Bravia internet video capabilities which means users will be able to stream content directly from online service providers.

Sony has opted for active 3D technology which means that you will have to fork out more money for the rather expensive 3D active glasses which are likely to cost around £80.

The flip side though is that Sony will delivery arguably better 3D quality compared to the passive models.

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The HX903 is available with a 46-inch or a 52-inch diagonal while the LX903 comes either as a 40-inch model or a whopping big 60-inch model. Prices vary from £2000 to £3500 for the KDL-60LX903 model which also comes with the IPS which saves power by switching off automatically when there's no one.

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