Telegraph hacked by Romanians

The Telegraph newspaper's web site has been hacked and defaced by a group apparently objecting to Jeremy Clarkson's use of the term “Romanian gypsies”.

A subdomain of hosting the paper's “Short Breaks” promotion now instead presents a page claiming ownership by “Romanian National Security”.

“Gypsies aren't Romanians, morons,” the page now says, among other things.

It links to a YouTube clip criticising a Top Gear episode in which host Jeremy Clarkson drives around rural Romania wearing a pork pie hat cracking Borat jokes and idly mocking “gypsy country”.

It seems the defacers could have done a bit more recon work before launching their attack, or at least stopped to ask for directions. Clarkson currently writes his weekly columns not for the Telegraph but for The Times and The Sun.

Indeed, the Telegraph itself took the broadcaster to task after the offending Top Gear episode aired last November.