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Anti-Piracy Law Firm Says Looking For Pirates Is Right

DigiProtect, the Frankfurt based anti-piracy firm, along with UK law firm ACS:Law, had sent hundreds of letters to unsuspecting UK broadband users, accusing them of illegal file sharing and asking them to pay the fine or face court action.

This move has been widely criticised by Britons and several groups that had rallied against the Digital Economy Bill. Several other organisations, who vocally supported the controversial bill, nevertheless condemned DigiProtect's actions and called them unfair.

However, DigiProtect, which has emerged as one of the first firms that exploited and harassed UK internet users using the Digital Economy Bill, refused to apologise for the extreme measures adopted by the firm and added that it was only acting on behalf of the copyright holders under its protection.

Meanwhile, DigiProtect' and ACS:Law's highly questionable method of mass-mailing legal notices to customers has come to the attention of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which has launched an inquiry into the matter.

DigiProtect, refusing to acknowledge in wrong doing on its part, said to the BBC in a statement that “With the infinite number of products offered on file-sharing networks, no other process would even be possible, this is just another example of the astronomical dimensions that file-sharing has taken on.”

Our Comments

The BBC reported that popular UK consumer magazine Which? had received hundreds of angry letters from readers complaining that they have been wrongly accused. Expect other organisations to strongly oppose the actions of the law firm as well.

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