Facebook Bets On Smart Software Algorithm To Catch Bad Guys

Social networking giant Facebook has equipped itself with a number sophisticated security measures which will allow site administrators to monitor the users for inappropriate behaviour.

The company said that it had full confidence that the new security system will be able tackle with the menace of paedophiles, which lure underage children on Facebook.

Apart from launching a new education campaign, the social networking platform also unleashed a new and improved grievance reporting feature and a 24 hour police hotline, which will offer swift assistance.

The website also announced the inclusion of a sophisticated algorithm, which will keep a tab on suspected paedophiles and track inappropriate behaviour.

Facebook's international law enforcement head Max Kelly, commenting on the new safety features, added that the algorithm will track possible offenders by the means of analysing the number of declined friend requests and the ratio of male and female friends.

Expressing his views on the strained relationship between Facebook and UK's Child Exploitation and Protection Centre, Kelly, who worked with the FBI, said told the BBC that “If they tell us the user is in the UK, that data goes to Ceop. We have had several meetings with Ceop chief executive Jim Gamble but that relationship is not working well.”

Our Comments

Arguably, Facebook is so big that there is bound to be loopholes in the system. There are many ways that this can happen but at least the social networking website is trying hard to reduce the risks. This is a first step and one that doesn't even involve a panic button.

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