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Google ad juggernaut continues

Google's post-recession growth continued in the first quarter, with the search ads giant yesterday reporting revenue up by almost a quarter and another couple of billion dollars in profit.

For the three months ending 31 March, the company saw revenue up 23 per cent at $6.77 billion. Net income was up 38 per cent at $1.98 billion.

Internet users are clicking on more ads, and advertisers are paying more per click. Google said that paid clicks were up 15 per cent on a year ago and the cost per click was up seven per cent.

Its publisher partners, such as sites running Adsense scripts, took a $1.71 billion bite out of the revenue, what the company calls Traffic Acquisition Costs.

But TAC was 26 per cent of revenue in the quarter, down from 27 per cent in the same 2009 quarter.

Revenue from Google's UK operations held steady at 13 per cent of revenue, representing $842 million in total for the quarter.