Google Street View Now Includes Theme Parks

Street View, Google's online mapping and navigation service, has decided to include some of most popular UK theme parks in its service, in order to allow users to plan their trips by deciding which rides to go on by taking a virtual tour of the celebrated destinations.

The theme parks which will be featured on Street View are Alton Towers, Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Sea Life, which are some of the widely visited destinations in the UK, attracting visitors from all over Europe.

Commenting on Google's decision to include the theme parks in Street View, a company spokesperson, said in a statement “With summer around the corner and the family clamouring for some adventure, Street View should prove the ideal planning tool for a great day out at any of these exhilarating locations.”]

Google Street View recorded the views of the theme parks using the Google Trike, which is a three-wheeled used by the company to record videos of the street.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid stepping on the toes of privacy advocates, Google has blurred the faces of visitors before using the video on street view and has also asked people to report any image which they find inappropriate.