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IBM Launches Enterprise Cloud Solution For $7 A Month

In an attempt to offer a comprehensive cloud based enterprise collaboration service, IBM (International Business Machines) has rolled out plans to offer a series of cloud based services along with its LotusLive enterprise collaboration suite.

According to the company, the cloud based services that will be integrated with its LotusLive software will include, shipping giant UPS, Skype and Silanis e-signature.

The integration of these cloud based services with LotusLive will allow IBM enterprise software users to access shipping, internet calling, CRM and contract signing from a single platform.

Commenting on the matter at hand, IBM vice president of cloud collaboration Sean Poulley, said in a statement that “In its first year, IBM LotusLive has won the trust of people from businesses of all sizes who want to work safely with people outside and inside their company. Now IBM is weaving essential business services into the very fabric of LotusLive.”

Apart from unveiling plans for LotusLive, IBM also introduced a new cloud based enterprise collaboration platform which will integrate email with social networking, at a price of $7 per user per month. The new platform will include file sharing, instant messaging, activity management and social networking tools.

Our Comments

IBM is taking on Google in a massive contest to conquer the emerging client SaaS market. Microsoft need not be bothered as long as they do not offer a comprehensive solution that can compete with Microsoft Office.

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